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Professional Options for Teeth Whitening

So you brush your teeth twice a day, floss, or clean between your teeth regularly, but your smile isn't as bright as you'd like it to be? A healthy oral hygiene regimen is an excellent place to start when it comes to avoiding tooth discoloration, but there's much to learn about keeping your pearly whites in good shape.

What induces staining or yellowing? Many factors, including aging, drugs, coffee, tea, and even some of your favorite foods, may all play a role.

Teeth whitening Lexington can prescribe one of several types of teeth whitening treatments.

  • In-office whitening - An in-office procedure in which a whitening gel is applied to your teeth by your dentist with extra care due to the strong whitening properties of the gel.
  • At-home whitening service - This is similar to in-office whitening, but it can be done at home with a milder whitening gel.

What sets professional whitening apart from the rest?

Prescription gels, over-the-counter cosmetics, and professional whitening procedures will restore the luster to your smile. According to studies, both of these whitening techniques involve various peroxide compounds (ADA). The difference in the active ingredients used in the whitening agent is what makes skilled whitening cost a little more.

Teeth Whitening Lexington KY

Professional teeth whitening procedures have the following features:

  • Dental Supervision - The dentist at teeth whitener Lexington will conduct a dental test before the whitening process to ensure that the gums and teeth are safe enough for the operation and decide if any crowns or veneers need not be whitened.
  • Whitening Agents with a Higher Concentration - Professional in-office whitening procedures are closely supervised and use a higher concentration of whitening gel. This can cause temporary irritation in some patients, so the dentist can apply a gel to the gum tissue to protect the mouth’s soft tissues from the whitening gel.
  • Faster Results - Professionally applied whitening gel has a higher concentration than at-home whitening gel, so results are visible right away rather than weeks later.

It's important to understand that teeth discoloration can be caused by an underlying disease or disorder that necessitates dental treatment. So, before deciding on the way to brighten your smile, schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Teeth-colored fillings, crowns, and caps cannot be whitened like the rest of the teeth, but whitening procedures are a perfect choice for those who haven't had previous work done on their front teeth.

You should still talk to your dentist to see if you're a successful candidate and learn about other whiten teeth choices.

Teeth Whitening Lexington KY

Is Professional Whitening a Good Investment?

After consulting with your dentist at teeth whitening Lexington and receiving approval for teeth whitening, you can begin selecting a tool to brighten your smile based on your budget and personal preferences.

Professional in-office teeth whitener Lexington is a perfect choice if you want to flash a smile earlier. However, if you have more sensitive teeth, your dentist can prescribe a custom-fitted whitening tray that you can use at home. Furthermore, we have several inexpensive and easy over-the-counter whitening items available to assist you in achieving the bright smile you want!

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