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Oral Surgeon Lexington

Massive cases disregard simple toothaches because some do not know what will be the worst effect of this. Excessive tooth damage by the decay can not be saved or repair anymore; it will then ends with surgery. Oral Surgeon Lexington can provide oral surgeries at the lowest price.

Our skilled and licensed oral surgeons undergo several surgical training and finished dental school to render excellent service. We also accommodate insurances that cover Oral surgeries. We give a complete package with medicines and free assessment. Our professionals also accommodate urgent dental care in Lexington; you can call them and arrange for binding schedules.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral surgery always focuses on the surgical treatment of diseases in the mouth and teeth. Maxillofacial means face and jaw, while oral refers to mouth. Once diagnosed and advised for surgical treatment, surgical procedures will follow either in the clinic or complications, much better to perform in an operating room.

Oral Surgeon Lexington KY

Here are the most common Oral and maxillofacial Surgeries that Oral Surgeon Lexington performs.

  • Tooth Extraction - A tooth extraction is the most straightforward and most common procedure involving removing teeth or teeth from the socket in the alveolar bone. Local anesthesia may do, and this is a quick procedure. Saving your teeth is our top priority; if there is still a way to protect your teeth from extraction, our professionals will do the best thing for you. The common reason for tooth extraction are:
    - Too much tooth damage due to decay
    - Severe infections and no longer treated by medications
    - Overcrowding teeth
    - Periodontal disease
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction - A third molars are what we called wisdom teeth; those are the last molar to erupt on each side of your lower and upper jaws in your late teens or early twenties. Most of the time, wisdom teeth fail to emerge properly through the gum line, or what we called impacted wisdom tooth will cause swelling, too much pain, and sometimes infections. The option then will be a wisdom tooth extraction, a surgical procedure of removal of wisdom teeth. In few cases, impacted wisdom teeth can also lead to the formation of cysts or tumors.
  • Gum Graft Surgery - This procedure covers the exposure of the tooth roots; it reduces gum sensitivity, protects the seed from tooth decay. A soft tissue graft is from your palate or another part of your mouth to cover the exposed root, and several teeth can do it simultaneously.
  • Dental Implants - Dental implants are the option f you do not want to wear dentures and an idea of a dental bridge. An implant is a solution to replace a missing tooth made up of titanium or primarily ceramic. A dental implant procedure involves the placement of the artificial tooth root, which, over time, the bone grows and attaches itself directly to the implant. Once successfully integrated into the bone, a dental crown is next installed. It feels looks and functions like natural teeth.
  • Biopsies - Mostly used to diagnose oral and mouth cancer.
  • Fix jaw discrepancies surgery - Also referred to as orthognathic surgery.
  • Cyst removal from facial region.
  • Removal of tumors from patients' mouth, jaws, and facial region
  • Oral surgeons also perform facial and jaw reconstruction due to trauma incidence.
Oral Surgeon Lexington KY

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