Dental Emergency Lexington KY


Dental Emergency Lexington KY

Dental emergencies such as tooth bleeding, broken jaw, lost fillings bring high risk to health. Many people do not know the impact or significant threats of dental problems, especially dental emergencies. There is high importance to know when to contact a 24 hour dentist Lexington KY to identify that a dental situation is putting you in danger. A lot of people do not really care about it since they do not know the conditions and implications dental problems would give if not attended immediately and adequately; hence, it is essential when to realize you need Dental Emergency Lexington KY.

A human tooth is composed of three structural layers that need to be healthy at all times to prevent dental emergency situations. The first layer or the outer layer is the enamel which is the hardest part of the teeth. It is a crystallized structure and high in minerals. The enamel covers and protects the tooth's crown. The next structure is the dentin which is the inner layer and the central part of a tooth. This is where you can find the largest dental tissue. The next layer is the pulp, where you can find the tooth's soft tissues that contain the nerve, blood supply, and the ability to produce dentin. The root is attached to the surrounding alveolar bone of the tooth socket, and it secures the tooth into the jaw. It is essential to know the anatomy of a tooth as it is part of our human body, and it is involved in our activities like eating and talking. It is also imperative to understand urgent dental care Lexington. Dental Emergency Lexington KY helps its clients address any dental emergencies should they need 24 hour dentist Lexington KY.

What is Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a situation where you encounter an incident involving your mouth and have any of the following symptoms like facial bone trauma, uncontrollable bleeding, partially dislodged teeth, Abscess, Cellulitis, Pericoronitis, and Pulpitis. These are all dental emergencies that need immediate medical attention and dental care. It is crucial to seek professional treatment like Dental Emergency Lexington KY.

Dental Emergency Lexington KY

What are the treatments offered in Dental Emergency Lexington KY?

The following dental emergency diagnosis can be treated if immediate attention is addressed:

  • Reversible Pulpitis. Reversible Pulpitis is a  mild inflammation of the tooth pulp caused by caries encroaching on the pulp. It is a Pulpal Inflammation where the pain is triggered with hot, cold, or sweet stimuli and resolves spontaneously. Its possible complications are Periapical Abscess and Cellulitis. This is treated through Filling.
  • Irreversible Pulpitis. It is another form of Pulpal Inflammation but the pain is poorly localized and spontaneous. It's possible complications are Periapical Abscess and Cellulitis and can be treated by RCT and extraction.
  • Abscess. It is a localized bacterial infection with localized pain and swelling. Cellulitis gives a diffuse tense and painful swelling of the affected tissues. It may cause Regional Lymphadenopathy and fever may occur.  Its complication is Cellulitis and can be treated by I & D and RCT, or extraction.
  • Cellulitis. It is a diffuse soft-tissue bacterial infection and associated with pain, erythema, and swelling. Its complication is with Regional Spread and can be treated with Antibiotics, RCT, and extraction.
  • Pericoronitis. It is an inflamed gum over a partially erupted tooth associated with pain, erythema, and swelling. It is complicated with Cellulitis but can be treated with Irrigation and Antibiotics.
Dental Emergency Lexington KY

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Dental Emergency Lexington KY addresses different types of dental emergencies. We value the health of our patients that is why we have 24 hour dentist Lexington KY ready to serve all your dental needs.

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